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This website and Blog was created for informational purposes about Carl Iberger, manager of the consulting firm Wright Leeds, and his “Guideposts for Work Life”.  Carl has spent many years in business roles at both the employee and C-Level, and would like to shed light on the importance of the inter-connection between all pieces of a workplace.

Who is it for?

Anyone who works in an office environment should be able to benefit from Carl’s Guideposts, from C-Level management to entry level, with discussions on managing change throughout the workplace and managing your career. For a full bio and history of Carl Iberger, you can go to the About Page for all the information about him, or you can learn more about Guideposts for Work Life in the Blog Archives


Carl Iberger

carl iberger

Hingham, Massachusetts Businessman. Expert in Finance and Technology.

Carl is the manager of the consulting firm Wright Leeds, who specializes with helping healthcare entrepreneurs to establish and grow their companies.  Carl has over 35 years of accounting, management, and finance experience, and has grown many startups into multi-million dollar businesses.


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Carl has been in business since the 80’s in many roles from VP to CFO and CEO, and has years of experience in the healthcare diagnostics field, where his businesses revolutionized cancer diagnostics and genetic technologies.  Carl also has a knack from growing startups, with one of his achievements as being one of four founders who grew a medical diagnostics company into a $100M plus business.  Mr. Iberger prides himself on bringing a businesses strategy into focus, and delivering on the mission of the business.

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Carl has honed his business skills over the years, and he finds that one of the biggest issues holding back businesses from success is a communication gap between different departments in a business and all of the different roles and functions not working in synergy towards all of the companies goals.  This is why Mr. Iberger has come up with his Guideposts for Work Life, to act as a playbook for businesses to function as a cohesive unit as intended between all of the different interdependent parts.

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If you would like to collaborate or network with Carl, feel free to reach out by using the form on the Contact Page.  Mr. Iberger loves connecting with like-minded businesspeople with great opportunities.  Get in touch if you would like to contribute to the Guideposts with your own suggestions, or follow Carl on social media to keep up to date.


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