Advancing Ideas in the Workplace


Work, next to your home, is where you spend most of your time. With this, it is very important that you make yourself involved in any decisions related to your work. Carl Iberger, a trusted business consultant would also agree that business owners should let their employees advance their ideas.

Some bosses are not a fan of this concept as they think that they are the boss, and their decisions are the only ones that should prevail. If you come to think of it, encouraging employees to advance their ideas offers tons of benefits not just to the employees but the company as well.

Just to convince you that doing this can help, read this article.

Why Advancing Ideas In The Workplace Is A Good Idea

So, what can you get from promoting this concept? Read below:

It empowers employees

Allowing the employees to advance their ideas gives them some sort of empowerment. Empowerment to share their thoughts and at the same time, make them feel that they are really part of the company they are working with.

This gives them the confidence to improve themselves even more and become a better employee.

It improves the organization and the business

The brightest ideas can be coming from an unnoticed employee, hence, by encouraging everyone to speak up, you can possibly find a gem. Your employees are the best people to give ideas, as they are the ones who are actually doing the job.

If there is anyone who can give the best inputs, it is no other than your employees.

It promotes loyalty

When the employee feels valued, they will remain loyal to the company they are working with. Their loyalty is a benefit for your company, so it is a clear win-win situation here.

How To Encourage Employees To Share Their Ideas

Encouraging your employees to share their thoughts and ideas is not an easy thing to do, but once you become successful, expect that you can enjoy all the benefits from this.

Here are some tips you can consider when encouraging your employees to advance their ideas:

Make it confidential

Not everyone is confident enough to share their ideas without anyone asking them or if they know that their identity will be known. You may want to find a way to make this activity confidential. It can be sending you a personal email so they do not need to go through their supervisors or colleagues when sharing their thoughts.

Do a one on one session with your employees

One on one sessions are very important as through this, you can know more about your employees on a personal level and at the same time, you can get into their thoughts in a clearer perspective. But of course, one on one sessions are only possible between the business owner and employees if the company is not big yet. Once it becomes bigger, speaking with all your employees can become very challenging, or even impossible, already.

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