Eight Ways to Advance Ideas Within Your Organization


In any organization, progress depends on new ideas. But generating these ideas is only half the battle – the real challenge is getting them approved and implemented. Carl Iberger, goes on to provide some of the reasons why ideas get stuck and ways to increase their acceptance.

Here are some reasons why ideas get stuck in organizations

1. The fear of change: People are often resistant to change, especially if they are comfortable with how things are. In an organization, there can be a lot of inertia against change, as people fear what might happen if things are different.

2. The need for consensus: To get approval for an idea, it often needs to be approved by most people in an organization. This can lead to gridlock as people argue over different aspects of the idea until it’s watered down to the point where it’s no longer worthwhile.

3. The fear of failure: People are often reluctant to try new things for fear of failing. This can lead to stagnation in organizations as everyone plays it safe and avoids taking any risks.

Here are eight ways to increase your ideas’ acceptance and acceptance within your organization.

1. Do Your Research: The most crucial step in getting your idea approved is doing your research and understanding the organization you’re pitching to. This means familiarizing the company’s goals, values, and processes. After that, you can only craft an idea that aligns with the company’s needs and interests. 

2. Find A Champion: It’s always helpful to have someone senior in the organization championing your idea. This person can help sell the idea to others and open doors that might otherwise be closed to you.

3. Make A Compelling Case: When making your case, be clear about what problem your idea solves and what benefits it brings. The more specific and concrete you can be, the better. 

4. Be Patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are great ideas! Don’t expect immediate results – it can take time for an idea to go through the approval process. 

5. Be Flexible: Be open to feedback and willing to make changes to your idea based on feedback from decision-makers. Remember, the goal is ultimately to get your idea approved, so it’s essential to be flexible to make that happen.

6. Avoid Office Politics: Office politics can poison the well for even the best ideas, so it’s essential to avoid them if possible. If you find yourself caught up in office politics, try to diffuse the situation and refocus on why your idea is good for the organization as a whole.

7. Be Persistent: It’s common for organizations to take a while to make decisions, so don’t give up if you don’t hear back immediately or encounter initial resistance. Instead, continue making your case until you get a yes or a no – giving up too soon could mean missing out on an excellent opportunity for you and your organization.

8. Reward Success: Finally, once your idea has been approved and implemented, take some time to celebrate! Recognizing a job well done will boost morale and increase the likelihood that others will come to you with their great ideas in the future.”


Implementing new ideas is essential for organizational success, but getting those ideas approved and enacted within a company bureaucracy can be challenging. By following these eight steps, you can increase the likelihood of having your ideas accepted within your organization.

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