Tips to a Successful Cross Functional Departmental Activities

Managing a business, more so a company with multiple departments, is hard to do. Some think that once you own a business, things will go your way and easier, but actually, it is not the case all the time considering that once you own a business, you have to take care of not just yourself or your welfare but your company, your customers, your employees and everything else related to your business.

One of the things you have to work on very closely as you manage your business is cross-departmental activities. What is this? This is where one department should work with a different department with a different set of skills and responsibilities as them.

Cross departmental activities are common, it can be between two departments, three or even more than that. As the business manager or owner, you have to make sure that when this activity happens, things will run smoothly to ensure the project will become successful. Even Carl Iberger, a reputable business consultant, would agree that cross-departmental activities are not easy but achievable, provided that you know how to manage it right.

To make this activity easier, here are some of the tips you can consider to achieve a successful cross departmental activity:

Lead with clear directions

Make sure that the project will start with clear directions for all departments involved. You cannot motivate the departments to cooperate if in the first place, you are not giving them clear directions. Some of the information that should be relayed on clearly are:

– The goal of the project

– What role do they need to work on

– What are expected from them

Do not start the project unless directions are clearly provided.

Improve communications

There are many ways to communicate with the employees and the teams involved in the project. It can be through email, face to face meetings, office communicator, etc. You have to find ways to ensure that departments utilize the available communication mediums in the office to relay updates, send inquiries etc.

Make sure that everyone has access to these communication mediums, or else, some may not be able to catch updates, revisions on the projects, etc.

Celebrate accomplishments

Whether it is small or huge accomplishments, make sure to celebrate it with all the departments involved in the project. It does not need to be extravagant, and a congratulatory email blast can easily do the work. Let everyone in the department know that their hard work is being appreciated.

You may want to hold team buildings to also boost camaraderie between teams.

Encourage everyone to share their feedback

Make everyone involved in the project. Let them share their feedback, comments, ideas, etc. Their feedback should be given priority especially that they are the ones who are working on the project. You have to encourage them to speak up and share their thoughts. Some are not as confident sharing their ideas, hence, encouraging them by asking them one by one can be a good start.

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